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Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror is a sequel of Eventide Slavic Fable. Each game tells a different story but their common feature is a fantasy setting inspired by Slavic mythology. In the second part of the series players find themselves in a forgotten mountain village ruled by a mysterious Sorcerer. The story is inspired by Polish legend of Master Tvardovsky and other Slavic legendary heroes. Gamers will be able to meet the good outlaw Yanosik and many other well known characters.

The game is a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure based on gameplay solutions classic for the genre such as solving puzzles, mini games, finding and collecting hidden objects. The goal of the game is to discover the Sorcerer’s evil plan and defeat him in a direct combat. Moral choices are a novelty for the genre introduced in Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror. All decisions the gamer makes throughout their play-through will impact the way the story evolves and the game’s ending. Therefore they’ll be able to enjoy a much richer and deeper story and will be encouraged to finish the game again, making different decisions this time.

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