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Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends is the third installment of the Eventide series. Each game tells a different story but they share a common feature, the fantasy setting inspired by Slavic mythology.

In this installment the player enters a magical realm in the clouds, ruled by powerful ancient king who can control the weather. The player must discover the King’s secrets and stop his ritual. They meet magical creatures along the way who will help them throughout their journey to stop the king, rescue their brother and save the world.

The game is a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure based on gameplay solutions classic for the genre, such as solving puzzles, mini games, finding and collecting hidden objects. The goal of the game is to explore beautiful, unearthly locations, to uncover the secrets of Slavic myths and perform powerful magical rituals in order to defeat the mighty antagonist. Throughout the game the player is able to collect unique bestiary cards illustrating gods from the Slavic pantheon and so learn a lot about the forgotten deities and their powers.

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