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In this funny game inspired by the beloved classic – Arkanoid – you have to free the Hamster locked in the prison of bricks. Destroy bricks, open secret passages and save the Hamster in distress. Thanks to you the Hamster will breath the air of freedom again. And he will get a carrot! Enjoy his happiness, when he’s finally free!

In the game you control a ball by tilting your phone/tablet. A ball bounces from walls and platforms and destroys colourful bricks. Some bricks need to be hit a few times to disappear. Some bricks cannot be destroyed unless you collect a special key. There are also teleports to acces secret rooms or take the ball faster to the awaiting Hamster.

Each level can give you three different trophies: one for destroying all the bricks (it’s not always easy!); one for freeing the Hamster in the shortest possible time and one for collecting all the apples in the level.

The Hamster awaits your help! Join the game and save the Hamster. Invite your friends! Take the football in your hands and start your adventure!

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