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“TRAINS VR” is inspired by the universally loved model railroad. We believe in the great entertainment potential offered by building model railroads in VR. In our game every level is a separate model, in which the players have to connect stations in such a way that two (or more) trains do not crash into each other when they start their runs simultaneously from separate locations on the map. You are rewarded for building the shortest possible route or for creating the most scenic possible route on said level. In this game you have fun solving logical puzzles at the same time as setting tracks on the map. Thanks to VR you can change your point of view at will: you can become a train driver and ride your train through the model map on the track you’ve just set.
VR Trains lets you play with your model seen from above: with the “table-top” view. You can build rails on the map to connect stations, but you have to steer clear of buildings, trees, mountains and other pieces of the environment. Rails are built automatically between points set by the player; crossings, bridges and other railroad elements will appear automatically. We plan different settings and locations, the first one being Wild West. Different points of view are provided by means of teleporting the player between predefined camera points.

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